Keyboard Shortcut on Windows 10

Keyboard Shortcut on Windows 10

Like the previous Windows version, Windows 10 also have many keyboard shortcut that can you use to save your time, So here is The Full List of Keyboard Shortcut on Windows 10. Please try, some shortcut is extremely useful:) Keyboard Shortcut Function Descriptions Windows To Show the Windows 10 Start Menu Windows + Tab To Launch Windows 10 Task … Read more

How To Fix Invalid Wifi Configurations on Windows 10


One of the most fun things to do with your Laptop is to go online with Wifi access, but sometime WI-FI be bad to you, and that feels ungood. To know why you unable to connect to a network (WI-FI), You must run Network Troubleshooting First if end like this image, then this tutorial is absolutely for you. There … Read more

How To Clean Disk C With Disk Clean-UP (With Pictures)

Clean Disk C

When your Disk C going full your Laptop(PC) performance are going low to works, and that very uncomfortable, Do I’m Right? There are many software out there that can help you to clean your Disk C. But did you know that windows itself offer you free software to clean your Disk that name is Disk … Read more