Logitech MK345 Software For Windows and Mac

The MK345 Wireless Combo is a combined mouse and keyboard from Logitech. Without a doubt, Logitech has become one of the best software companies that provide Mouse for Notebook/Laptop or PC. One of their latest gaming mice is Logitech MK345. The main pros of this MK345 are its battery, The Battery life up to 4 years for keyboards, and up to 18 months for mice. In terms of keyboard design measuring 18.67 cm long, 44.72 cm wide, and weighs 0.60 kg. Made from plastic. With a Glossy coating on the edges of the buttons. There is an on / off button on the top right of the keyboard and a caps lock indicator light. While at the bottom there is a layer of rubber that is useful for resting the palms when we are typing.

MK345 Software For Windows and Mac
Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo

The MK345 Mouse measuring 10.54 cm long, 6.79 cm wide, and weighs 0.01 kg. Made from the same material as the keyboard. At the top of the mouse, there is a Scroll Wheel, on the left and right there are standard buttons for left and right-click. Under the Scroll Wheel, there is a battery indicator light. On the left and right sides, there are pads made of rubber. Serves to strengthen the grip of the arm and rest our thumbs. At the back, there is a cover that can be opened, functioning for the battery and storage area of ​​the receiver. There are also on / off buttons and sensors.

So buddy, for you who ready bought the MK345, the last thing you need is MK345 software, you need that to make sure your Logitech MK345 works well with your PC/Notebook or Laptop. You need to download and install Logitech MK345 Software or Driver into your Operating System (OS) if your Laptop powered by Windows you need Logitech MK345 Software for Windows and if powered by Macintosh you need to download and install Logitech MK345 Software which in Mac version.

For Windows, Logitech MK345 Software Supports:

  • Windows 10 64-bit/Windows 10 32-bit
  • Windows 7 64-bit/Windows 7 32-bit
  • Windows 8 64-bit/Windows 8 32-bit
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit/Windows 8.1 32-bit

Download Logitech MK345 Software For Windows OS

Software Descriptions SIZE Download
Logitech MK345 SetPoint Software For Windows 

This file is Logitech SetPoint Software version 6.69.126, for use with a Windows Operating System. If your PC powered by Windows then you’re required to install this MK345 Driver or Software into your Windows, to make sure the MK345 Mouse works well.

82.8 MB

As I’ve said early if your Laptop or PC powered by Mac you need Logitech MK345 Software in Mac Version, so this is Logitech MK345 Software For Macintosh OS:

Software Descriptions SIZE Download
Logitech Options Software For MK345

This File is Logitech Options Software version 8.0.559. If your Notebook/Laptop powered by Macintosh operating System then you need to install this software into it.

79.4 MB

To make the Logitech MK345 setup well with your Operating Systems like Windows or Macintosh OS, I highly recommend you to download the Logitech MK345 Setup guide below, the document will give you information how to set up your Logitech MK345 Mouse correctly.

Document Descriptions SIZE Download
Logitech MK345 Setup Guide

This Logitech MK345 setup Guide will give you basic knowledge of how to set up your Logitech MK345 with your PC/Mac.

 51 MB

Alright buddy, after you download the Logitech MK345 Software above, you’re ready to go and install your downloaded software into your chosen Operating System. Don’t forget to tell your friend about our site, we made this site for all notebook user around the globe.