Understanding Full Drivers & Basic Drivers Printer

Printer Manufacture like HP and Epson separated their Printer software/drivers into Full Drivers and Basic Drivers. So what the different.?

Basic Drivers and Full Drivers
Basic Drivers and Full Drivers

Full drivers (Full Software Solution) is the complete software package that includes Product Installation and all additional software to run your printer with your Operating System, For Example, If you download  HP Officejet 7610 Full Drivers, that means you are readily downloaded all primary and additional software of HP Officejet 7610 that you need to run your Officejet 7610 Printer with Your OS (Operating System).

Basic Driver Printer is only Basic software of the product (Printer in this case), it’s mean if you download the basic drivers you will need to download other software like firmware or etc for this printer.

So after knowing the different of Basic Drivers and Full Drivers you can make your conclusion in download the printer driver for your OS. Wish this short article useful to you. 🙂