How To Check Your Laptop Current Driver

Before you Looking The NoteBook Driver and Applications to Download, it good to check your Installed drivers First, so you can saving time to just search for what Drivers, or App that you need. In this Article, you will find the way how the check your Installed Drivers or Current Driver on Your NoteBook/Laptop.

This what you need to do to know What Drivers have been Installed in Your Laptop:

  • Right Click on Windows Icon, you can see this image for example;

Windows Icon Photo

  • Select Device Manager From The List, you can see like the picture below;

Device Manager Photo

When You Select Device Manager you will got result like the image below, this my Installed Driver, you can check yours with this tutorial.

Driver List on Laptop

Easy Right?, Now you can Continue to searching in, Find what Drivers or Software that you need for your Laptop/NoteBook.