How To Clean Disk C With Disk Clean-UP (With Pictures)

When your Disk C going full your Laptop(PC) performance are going low to works, and that very uncomfortable, Do I’m Right? There are many software out there that can help you to clean your Disk C. But did you know that windows itself offer you free software to clean your Disk that name is Disk Clean-UP, its original from Microsoft, so Disk Clean-UP is Safe and Secure. OK, Let stars to clear your Disk C with Disk Clean-UP.

  1. The first thing you need to do go To Taskbar and Type “Disk Clean-Up” in Search icon, if you do it correctly you will find a result like the pictures below, and then select Disk-Clean-UP app;
  2. When you Select Disk Clean-UP app, Disk Clean-Up will show you option what Disk You want To clean Disk C, Disk D, or Disk E, so in this case, we select Disk C.Clean Disk C
  3. When You Select Disk C (SYSTEM OS), Disk Clean-UP will calculate your Dump files, it will look like the image below;Disk Clean Up Calculate Picture
  4. The next step all you need to do are to choose what the Dump file that you want to clean and Click “OK” please see picture below for example,Disk Clean Up show you the dump files
  5. The End Result, a confirm order will show to you, just hit “Delete Files” button to run the cleaning process.Disk Clean Up Confirm Page Photo
  6. If you did all as I said above, Disk Clean-UP app will do his job and Your Disk C will get his freedom, and your Laptop (PC) will be better.Disk Clean Up Running process

Note, This tutorial made with Windows 10, but this tutorial also work for Windows 8, and Windows 7, The steps are same, just images will look different.