How To Fix Invalid Wifi Configurations on Windows 10

One of the most fun things to do with your Laptop is to go online with Wifi access, but sometime WI-FI be bad to you, and that feels ungood.

Wifi unable to connect

To know why you unable to connect to a network (WI-FI), You must run Network Troubleshooting First if end like this image, then this tutorial is absolutely for you.


There many Solutions that You Can test To Resolve Your Invalid IP Configuration, but in this article, I’ll share you the working one.

  • Reset Your IP/TCP, you can Reset your IP with CMD(ADMIN), To run CMD(ADMIN) please Press Windows Key + X from your Keyboard.

Windows Key + X

  • After you Press The Windows Key + X you will find a list like an image below, Please  Select Command Prompt(Admin)

Windows Key X Image Result

  • And This How the Command Prompt(Admin)or CMD(Admin) look, and now Copy and paste this code:
  1. netsh winsock reset to your CMD(Admin) and hit Enter.
  2. netsh int ip reset to your Command Prompt(Admin)or CMD(Admin) and Hit Enter too.

CMD Admin

  • This a simple result if you paste the code correctly

Wifi Invalid IP Fix With CMD admin

And now all you need to do is to Restart Your Laptop and try to connect WI-FI again, I and My Dude have tried this tutorial and work well, but if you still unable to connect maybe you need to try with the code below:

  1. ipconfig /release
  2. ipconfig /flushdns
  3. ipconfig /renew